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Loans for YOUR HOUSE

Mortgage loans

Do you need a new house, reparation in your residence house or appartment, or would you like to get a lower interest on the mortgage loan opened at another financial institution? Request a personalized offer from the bank ONLINE, or consult the MORTGAGE loan center on 022 270 222.

Why mortgage loans from EXIMBANK?

confirmation in just ONE day

up to 2 000 000 lei

FIXED interest rate first 5 years

ZERO commissions

How to make the right choice?


    Live with your family in your own house

    Benefit from Credit FAMIGLIA with 0% of own contribution or let us refinance your mortgage from another financial institution with a lower interest rate.

    up to 2 000 000 MDL
    ZERO commissions
  • Prima Casă Loan

    Get your FIRST HOUSE NOW! Compensations from 10% to 100% at the cost of credit - granted by the state to families with children and budgets.

    Get your FIRST HOUSE NOW!

    Credit Prima Casă is the best solution when you want to have your first house. This is a state program, accessible, requiring only 10% of own contribution, and official monthly income.

    up to 900 000 lei
    own contribution 10%
  • INVESTO Loan

    Buy today an unfinished house

    Live with your family in your own house. Benefit from INVESTO credit for unfinished housing.

    up to 1 000 000 MDL
    FIXĂ interest rate for the first 5 years
  • Mortgage center

    Quick consultation for a mortgage loan

    It is a modern and spacious center, located in the center of the capital, equipped with the latest technologies, with qualified experts who can consult you quickly when you need a loan for your HOUSE.

    Loans for the purchase, construction of the house or repair works at a personalized price offer
    Preliminary approval of the loan for your HOUSE, fast and FREE