Discover your path to your FIRST HOME

A simple and affordable program for your real estate dream

The main benefits


within 3 days

оwn contribution

5% of the property

up to

950 000 MDL


from 10% to 100%

Why choose the loan Prima Casă?

The loan Prima Casă is the best solution when you want to buy your first home. This is a state program, which is accessible, requiring only 5% of your own contribution, and monthly official income.

Want more!

checked iconall family income is taken into account
checked icon0% document verification fee
checked icon50% compensation at the cost of the loan – granted by the state to employees of public institutions
checked iconcompensations from 10% to 100% at the cost of the loan – granted by the state to families with children

* The bank finaces up to 100% is the client provides additional collateral.

What are the conditions?

The amount

from 100,000 MDL to 950,000 MDL;


from 12 to 300 months;

Annual interest rate

7,38% floating (RDNA*+ 3%)

* RDNA - Weighted average interest rate on new deposits attracted in national currency with the term from 6 to 12 months

Granting commission


State guarantee commission


EAR (Effective Annual Rate)

8.02% for a loan of 500,000 MDL, for 300 months, monthly payment – 3,656 MDL, total cost – 1,134,254 MDL

Required documents

  1. Identity card
  2. The copy of the individual employment contract
  3. The valuation report of the real estate provided as collateral
  4. Other additional documents, as the case may be, required by the Bank


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