Your future is in YOUR hands!

Deposit with the possibility of additions and withdrawals


In a world where everything seems to change from day to day, we are looking for things that are made to withstand any unforeseen situations. That's why at EXIMBANK we combined the security of your savings and the advantageous interest. The easiest way money will work for you and not the other way around. Save for your dreams and plans. Create a financial reserve and secure a better pension.

Why Deposits from EXIMBANK?

With additions and withdrawals

Up to 5,5% interest

0 lei commission on opening

Free debit card


  • Deposit CLASSICO

    You can save in the long term, for you and your family. You decide when your dreams come true.

    You can save in the long term, for you and your family.

    floating interest rate
    min. 10 000 MDL, 1 000 EUR, USD
    without additions and withdrawals
  • Deposit UNIVERSAL

    Universal deposit is ideal for additions and withdrawing small amounts at any time.

    Add and withdraw money whenever you want

    floating interest rate
    min. 3 000 MDL, 200 EUR, USD
    with the possibility of additions and withdrawals
  • Deposit PENSIONATO

    You are a pensioner and you want to have a higher monthly income. Benefit from the advantageous offer, specially created for pensioners.

    For a better pension

    floated interest rate
    min. 5 000 MDL
    with the possibility of additions and withdrawals

Annual interest rates on deposits

Guide on opening deposit accounts

Transfers are guaranteed in accordance with the Law No. 575-XV as of December 26, 2003, “On Guaranteeing the Deposits of Individuals in the Banking System”.

Information on guaranteeing deposits in the banking system

The right and conditions for changing the interest rate.
For variable interest deposits, the interest rate may be lowered by the Bank unilaterally, depending on the base rate of the NBM, the rate of inflation and the fluctuation of the domestic and international financial-banking markets. The information regarding the reduction of the interest will be brought to the notice of the Depositor through a notice of 15 calendar days, by displaying at the Bank's headquarters and its branches / agencies and by placing the respective information on the Bank's website: www.eximbank.md. There will be no need for notice in case of interest rate increase.