Add and withdraw money whenever you want



minimum amount


with additions

and withdrawals

interest rate



60 months

Why choose the UNIVERSAL Deposit?

The deposit UNIVERSAL is perfectly created to add and withdraw money whenever you want.

Want more

freedom to open the deposit without restrictions for the minimum amount
the ability to fund the deposit account
the convenience of withdrawing money from your deposit account
0% commission for opening, administering and closing the deposit
the funds in the deposit account are guaranteed, within the limit set by the Deposit Guarantee Fund of the banking system
FREE bank card
the renewal of the deposit takes place automatically


Deposit currency Annual floating rate,%
60 months
MDL 9,00
USD 1,25
EUR 1,00

What are the conditions:

  • Minimum amount - unlimited;
  • With additionals and withdrawals: min. 500 MDL, 100 USD/EUR;
  • Payment of interest: monthly or with capitalization;
  • Methods of payment of interest:
    • cash
    • to your current account
    • to the card account
    • is capitalized on the balance of the deposit
  • Maturity action: with or without automatic extension;
In case of opening of a deposit account by the account holder:
- resident individual presents the original identity document and its copy;
- nonresident individual presents the original and the copy of the national passport with the stamp of entry into the country, or the original and the copy of the residence permit.
In case of opening of a deposit by an authorized person, it is necessary to present:
- the identity document of the person empowered in the original and copy;
- the notarized certified copy of the identity document of the depositor;
- the original power of attorney or its notarized certified copy.