Supporting measures for clients - individualsSupporting measures for clients - individuals

Supporting measures for clients - individuals

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Because we highly appreciate our clients, in the context of evolution of the epidemiological situation caused by the infection CODVID-19 and following the decree, by government, of an emergency at national level, we are coming with supporting measures, offering few solutions, applicable in relation to our debtors, private individuals.

Therefore, the clients of the Bank, loan beneficiaries, who face difficulties for repayment of the loans caused by the job suspension, partial or total loss of regular income, problems with health, have the possibility to choose one of the following options:

  • the postponement of the payment of the monthly installments for a period until 31.05.2020, and the reimbursement of these payments will take place in a single installment, in June, 2020;
  • the postponement of the payment of the monthly installments for a period until 31.05.2020 and following rescheduling of the loan, without extending its maturity and without applying the commission for modifying the contractual clauses.

In order to apply for any of the described above scenarios, the client will submit a request, in an established electronic format (can be found here), indicating the optimal solution selected (paying the installments in a single installment in June 2020 or rescheduling the loan). The filled in application will be sent via e-mail, until 31.05.2020, to the generic address, from the client's email address registered in the credit agreement or in the Bank's information system.

The Bank's decision regarding the rescheduling of the loan will be communicated to the customer by e-mail.

IMPORTANT! The only customers whose loans are not registered in arrears at the time of publication of the statement may benefit from deferral of monthly installments. The deferrals can only be applied to existing loans, not to new ones granted during the respective period. In case of available funds in client’s accounts the instalments will be withdrawn according to the repayment schedule regardless the application for postponement of the instalments and/or rescheduling of the loan.

The date of publishing: March 24, 2020