Bank guarantees

Bank guarantees





Why Bank Guarantees?

Bank guarantees allow you to reduce commercial, financial and political risks related to transactions with business partners both in the Republic of Moldova and abroad.

Want more:

checked iconthe opportunity to use the limit on the amount of bank guarantees, that will allow to urgently issue letters without going through the entire banking approval process;
checked iconguarantee of participation in open tenders;
checked iconprotection against the risk of the advance payment loss;
checked iconreduction of commercial risks in terms of non-performance or improper performance of the contract by a business partner;

Bank Guarantees offered by EXIMBANK

Internal and external guarantees, and exactly:

  • guarantee of participation in a tender or procurement;
  • guarantee of proper implementation (fulfillment of the contract terms);
  • payment guarantee;
  • guarantee in favor of the Customs Service of the Republic of Moldova;
  • guarantee on advance payments return;
  • indirect bank guarantee
  • other types of guarantees, depending on the terms of the contract, not contradicting the Legislation of the Republic of Moldova.


Terms and Conditions:

Currency MDL, EUR, USD
Term Depending on conditions of the contract that is to be covered by Bank Guarantee;

Depending on conditions of the contract that is to be covered by Bank Guarantee, the applicant’s payment ability and credit guarantee;

Collateral insurance Transfer of money, trust, movable and immovable assets, deposits.

Eligible beneficiaries

Economic agents - legal entities that practice entrepreneurship in the territory of the Republic of Moldova, are registered and operate in accordance with the legislation in force.


How to access the service?

You must approach to one of the EXIMABNK branch.  Open the map to find the nearest office.


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