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Who can benefit from a Social Card?

Any citizen of the Republic of Moldova who holds a residence visa in the territory of the country and receives from the National House of Social Insurance (CNAS) the following payments: pension, allowances, social allowances, financial support.

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checked iconZERO commission for card administration
checked iconZERO commission for payment of goods and services to merchants in Moldova and abroad
checked iconZERO commission for withdrawal at at EXIMBANK ATMs and POS terminals
checked iconZERO commission for withdrawal at ATMs of the Intesa Sanpaolo group

Promotional campaign for pensioners "TAKE CARE OF WHAT REALLY MATTERS!"

In the period 05.06.2023 - 31.12.2023, the promotional campaign intended for pensioners is being carried out, in which the first 300 participants will each receive a gift certificate when performing medical tests at the Î.C.S. medical center. "Clinica Sante" S.R.L.

Any natural person, a citizen of the Republic of Moldova who has pensioner status and will open a social card in B.C. can participate in the Campaign. EXIMBANK S.A. during the Campaign for collecting the pension from the National Social Insurance Office (CNAS) on this card.

The promotional campaign is carried out only in the territory of the municipality of Chisinau, Republic of Moldova and only in the branches of the bank B.C. EXIMBANK S.A. from the municipality of Chisinau.

Additional details can be found in the regulation: