All types of insurance for your HOME, CAR, FAMILY in ONE place.






Why Bancassurance from EXIMBANK?

BC "Eximbank" SA offers to the clients the possibility of purchasing the insurance policy at any branch in Chisinau and in the country.

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When you sign a credit agreement with the bank, you also have the opportunity to secure the pledged assets.
Savings: a high degree of protection compared to relatively low rates.
To get the policy, you no longer need to go to the office of the insurer;
The contract is concluded in a very short time;
The required forms are completed by the operator, you only need to sign.
You can benefit from bancassurance services at all branches of the bank.

Available types of insurance

• General insurance of goods;
• Health insurance for travelers abroad ;
• Compulsory civil liability insurance for motor vehicle damage (RCA);
• Civil liability insurance for damages caused by motor vehicles (external motor liability insurance - Green Card);
• CASCO - is a complex insurance of the means of transport from damages, theft, fire and natural calamities;
Accident insurance.


How to access the service

You must approach to one of the EXIMABANK branch.  Open the map to find the nearest office.