Standing Order from EXIMBANK

Standing order





Why Standing Order from EXIMBANK?

The “Standing order” service is a variation of the debit transfer in which the bank agrees to make payments on certain dates (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually) of a fixed amount in favor of the supplier, according to the contract signed by the partners without the need for express payment instructions.

What types of payments can be made?

checked iconReplenishment of your own or third party’s accounts opened in Eximbank or in other banks
checked iconPayment for communal services
checked iconFull daily transfer of current account balance
checked iconDaily transfer of the surplus from the current account balance
checked iconTransfer of a fixed amount of money, including:
checked iconPayment of leasing rates, rents, etc.
checked iconRegular payments in favor of service providers / suppliers of goods
checked iconMobile telephone account recharge

How to get access to Standing Order service?

You must approach to one of the EXIMBANK branches. Open the map to find the nearest office.

Basic rates