Withdraw money when you need it!

Credit Line, for your business

Credit line

up to 24 months

with grace period


individual loan amortization schedule

Why choose Credit Line?

The credit line can help you grow your business while the bank covers your financing needs, and also your current expenses without wasting time on document analysis.


checked iconIndividual loan amortization schedule
checked icon0% commission for refinancing
checked iconPossibility of partial or full repayment of the credit limit
checked iconQuick access to financial resources
checked iconRepeated use of loan resources in an unlimited number, within the approved limit and the established Term of the loan
checked iconThe interest rate is calculated only for the amounts used in the loan

Loan Purpose:

  • Supply of raw materials, fuel, spare parts;
  • Payment of services, salaries, taxes or fees;
  • Stocks of goods ensuring;
  • Covering the current expenses related to the activity carried out.


Terms and Conditions:

Currency MDL, EUR, USD
Term Up to 24 months
The amount depending on the applicant’s payment ability and credit guarantee
Anual interest rate 10,50% - 12,50% (MDL), 6,25% EUR, 6,5%(USD), floating
Grace period Up to 6 months
Guarantees transfer of money, trust, movable and immovable assets, deposits

Eligible beneficiaries:

Economic agents - legal entities that practice entrepreneurship in the territory of the Republic of Moldova, are registered and operate in accordance with the legislation in force.

How can I benefit from the offer?

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