Whatever you choose, the PERSONAL consumer credit helps you achieve your dreams



in one day

interest rate


up to

200 000 MDL

no collateral

only with identity card

Why to choose the PERSONAL loan?

PERSONAL loan is intended for any plan: small, large and very large. We finance any personal or family expenses, including refinancing on favorable terms your loans from other financial institutions.

I want more!

checked iconup to 200 000 MDL, without pledge, for you and your family or even more under the loyalty program
checked iconeven 0,5% discount on the interest rate within the CROSS-SALE Campaign
checked iconfast processing, only with the identity card
checked iconFIXED interest rate
checked iconthe salary and other additional income of family members are taken into account
checked iconpayment is received automatically, directly from the EXIMBANK card, without contacting the bank

What are the requirements

The amount

From 30 000 MDL to 70 000 MDL / per customer

From 70 001 MDL to 150 000 MDL / per customer or 200 000 MDL / per family


From 6 to 60 months

Annual interest rate 

18,25% fixed

17,50% fixed




19,85%,  for a loan of 50 000 MDL, for 36 months, monthly payment - 1 814 MDL, total cost = 65 231 MDL (calculated with 18,25% interest)

18,97%, for a loan of 80 000 MDL, for 36 months, monthly payment – 2 872 MDL, total cost = 103 923 MDL (calculated with 17,5% interest)

Are you an existing EXIMBANK customer? See the loyalty program


Eligibility criteria

  • Age: 21 years - 62 years, from 63 access the SENIOR credit - for retirees
  • Minimum salary: 4 000 MDL
  • Seniority in the current job: at least 6 months
  • Work experience: min. 12 months
  • From 100 000 MDL: real estate in ownership


Required documents

  • Identity card
  • Ather documents, if necessary


How do you get an interest discount within the CROSS-SALE Campaign?


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