Interest rate 7.90% FIXED in the first year!

The right solution for major changes



in maximum 1 day

fixed interest rate

for the first year

up to

2 000 000 MDL



Why choose the loan FAMIGLIA FIX?

Refinance your mortgage from another financial institution with a fixed rate for the first year and better terms!

Want more!

checked iconFIXED interest rate for the first year
checked iconOwn contribution - 0% of the total amount of the building *
checked iconComfort - all family income is taken into account
checked iconFlexibility - pay a loan at bank branches and ONLINE
checked icon0% for credit release and monthly administration fee

* The bank finances up to 100% if the client offers additional real estate collateral.

What are the conditions?

The amount

from 100 000 MDL to 2 000 000 MDL;


from 12 to 240 months;

Annual interest rate

7,90% fixed for the first year
8,10% floating,
starting with the 2th year (RDNA * + 4,00% percentage points (fixed margin));

* RDNA - Weighted average interest rate on new deposits attracted in national currency with a term of 6 to 12 months



EAR (Effective Annual Rate)

8.35% for a loan of 500,000 MDL, for 120 months, monthly payment for 1 year - 6,040 MDL, monthly payment starting from the 2nd year - 6,090 MDL, total cost - 729,762 MDL

Required documents

  1. Identity card
  2. The copy of the individual employment contract
  3. The valuation report of the real estate provided as collateral
  4. Other additional documents, as the case may be, required by the Bank


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