Cover the obligations to suppliers on time!

Agrario Stagione Loan, for your business

Credit Agrario Stagione

up to 24 months

with grace period


Loan amortization schedule adapted to the seasonality of the business

Why Credit Agrario Stagione?

Credit Agrario Stagione can help you cover your obligations to the suppliers in time, avoiding the additional contractual conditions.

I want more

checked iconFast analysis and confirmation
checked iconLoan amortization schedule adapted to the seasonability of the business
checked iconThe possibility to refinance the loans contracted to other banks with 0% granting commission

What expenses can we cover?

  • Acquisition of seeds, fertilizers, green forage;
  • Acquisition of animals, birds, bee families;
  • Covering the costs of maintaining agricultural implements / equipment;
  • Payment of agricultural works, irrigation, insurance, payment of salaries and other expenses.


Terms and Conditions:

Currency MDL
Term Up to 24 months
The maximum amount

equivalent in MDL for 150 000 EUR

Anual interest rate 10,50% - 12,50% (MDL),  floating
Grace period Up to 12 months
Guarantees Transfer of money, trust, movable and immovable assets, deposits

Eligible beneficiaries

Economic agents - legal entities that practice entrepreneurship in the territory of the Republic of Moldova, are registered and operate in accordance with the legislation in force.

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