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Debit Business Card

payments in the country

and abroad



use by

multiple employees at the same time

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Why choose Debit Business Card?

Manages quickly and conveniently the expenses incurred by the employees of your company both within the country and abroad.


checked iconMaking payments to merchants quickly and efficiently
checked iconThe possibility of using the payment instrument by several employees at the same time
checked iconSimplicity and convenience in the accounting records of your company
checked iconUse of the card both within the country and abroad
checked iconPossibility to withdraw cash at ATMs if necessary.


  • Payment for goods, goods services
  • Travel expenses
  • Fulfillment of international operations on the payment of the import of goods and / or services, taxes, fines


Terms and Conditions:

Currency MDL, EUR, USD
The number of cards by decision of the administrator

Withdrawal of cash

  • abroad - EUR 10,000 / month or the equivalent in another currency and for travel purposes only;
    Payments related to the payment of the import of goods and / or services, taxes, taxes, fines in favor of non-residents are made only by transfer.


  • in the territory of the Republic of Moldova withdrawals are allowed only in national currency and the limit is set for each user separately.

Card replenishment only by transfer

Eligible beneficiaries

Economic agents - legal entities that practice entrepreneurship in the territory of the Republic of Moldova, are registered and operate in accordance with the legislation in force.


Customer support

Phone: +373 22 600 000, e-mail:  cards@eximbank.com

*To announce the loss, theft, ATM lock/seizure or fraudulent use of the card issued by EXIMBANK or for any other emergency, get in touch with non-stop Customer Service: +373 3030 1111.


Basic tariffs

Changing card usage limits