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All types of insurance for your HOME, CAR, FAMILY in ONE place.



all types of insurance policies in one place


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Why Bancassurance from EXIMBANK?

Bancassurance offers you all types of insurance in one place, without wasting time for visiting the insurance companies, signing additional documents or extra expenses.

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Available types of insurance:

• General insurance of goods;
• Health insurance for travelers abroad ;
• Compulsory civil liability insurance for motor vehicle damage (RCA);
• Civil liability insurance for damages caused by motor vehicles (external motor liability insurance - Green Card);
• CASCO - is a complex insurance of the means of transport from damages, theft, fire and natural calamities;
• Life Insurance VITA CASA.


How to access the service

You must approach to one of the EXIMABANK branch.  Open the map to find the nearest office.


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