For retirees




in one day

up to

75 000 MDL

no collateral

only with pensioner's card

Why to choose the loan SENIOR?

SENIOR loan - a unique product, intended for retirees, granted only on the basis of the pensioner's card, which will quickly cover the necessary financing.

I want more

checked iconup to 75,000 MDLi, without pledge
checked iconwe finance on the basis of pension income
checked iconother incomes are also taken into account
checked iconFIXED interest rate, for 5 years
checked iconautomatic payment from EXIMBANK pension card, without contacting the bank
checked icon0.5% DISCOUNT on the interest rate within the CROSS-SALE Campaign

What are the requirements

The amount

From 20 000 MDL, up to 70 000 MDL;


From 6 up to 60 months;

Annual interest rate 

14,50% fixed


Accident insurance: compulsory


2% commission for the provision
0.25% monthly administration fee


19,38% for a loan of 50 000 MDL, for 60 months, monthly payment - 1 276 MDL, total cost – 74 922 MDL

Eligibility criteria?

  • At least one pension received in the Republic of Moldova, documented
  • Age: maximum 68 years old on the last loan repayment date
  • Retirement income for one month plus income from other eligible sources must be at least MDL 4,000
  • Receiving the pension on the social card (for pension) of EXIMBANK


Required documents

  • Identity card
  • Retirement card
  • Account statement with confirmation of at least a pension transfer from another bank, or a certificate from CNAS
  • Other documents as needed



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