Loans for YOUR HOUSE

Benefit from UNFINISHED home mortgages for LAGMAR customers

approval in one day

up to 1 000 000 MDL

0% administration fee

proces simplificat de analiză a documentelor


Why choose home loans from EXIMBANK?

Especially for LAGMAR clients, we created the INVESTO loan for unfinished homes.

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checked iconapproval in maximum 1 day
checked icon0% management fee
checked icontotal family income is taken into account
checked iconown contribution - 0% of the total amount of the building *
checked iconpay the loan in bank branches and ONLINE

* The bank finances up to 100% if the client offers additional real estate collateral.

What are the conditions?

The amount

from 100,000 MDL to 1,000,000 MDL;


from 12 to 240 months;

Annual interest rate

7.48% fixed for the first year,

7.48% floating, starting in the 2nd year (RDNA*+ 4.00% percentage points (fixed margin);

* RDNA - Weighted average interest rate on new deposits attracted in national currency with a term from 6 to 12 months (the last RDNA reference rate published by the National Bank of Moldova)

Single award commission

0%, of the loan amount

Monthly administration fee

0,05%, from the balance


8.38% for a loan of 500,000 MDL, for 240 months, monthly payment for 1 year - 4,022 MDL, monthly payment starting from the 2nd year - 4,022 MDL, total cost - 1,002,845 MDL

Required documents

  1. Identity card
  2. The copy of the individual employment contract
  3. The valuation report of the real estate provided as collateral
  4. Other additional documents, as the case may be, required by the Bank

How to get a mortgage?

  1. Analyze your family's monthly income. Please note that the monthly mortgage payment must not exceed 50% of the total official monthly income.

  2. Analyze the cost of credit by accessing the computer above.

  3. Find the house where you will gather your loved ones or use the offer of LAGMAR partners.

  4. Come to the Mortgage Center with the bulletin and take the certificate with the pre-approved loan amount and the list of documents that you will need to complete in order to submit a loan application.

  5. Visit several locations to choose the perfect home.

  6. When you have decided, come to the bank to submit the credit application with the set of documents (bulletin, documents confirming the income and the evaluation report).

  7. The bank will contact you within a day to communicate your credit approval.

  8. Sign the credit agreement with the Bank.

  9. Insure your home right at the Bank, it is not necessary to go to the insurance company.

  10. Establishes the appointment at a notary jointly with the Bank and the seller to perform the sale / purchase transaction and the mortgage on the real estate.

  11. After registering the notarized contracts at the Public Services Agency, come to the Bank and transfer the loan amount to the seller.

  12. Congratulations! You became the owner with the right documents!


How to benefit from the services of the Mortgage Center

You must approach to the office of EXIMBANK Mortgage Center. Open the map to find the exact location or call to 022 270 222.

Fill in the ONLINE application below, to find out with what maximum amount of money the bank can credit you today!


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