Mortgage loan center

Quick approval

Unique service package

Simplified process

Direct funding

Why Mortgage Loan Center EXIMBANK

It is a modern and spacious center, located in the center of the capital, endowed with the latest technologies, with qualified experts who can consult you quickly when you need a credit for commercial purpose.


Loans for purchase, construction of the commercial buildings or repair works at a personalized offer
Preliminary approval of the loan, fast and FREE
Consultancy in collection of all necessary documents
The best offers to buy the property, in one place
Refinancing mortgage loans contracted to other financial institutions

How to benefit from the services of the Mortgage Center?

You must approach to the office of EXIMBANK Mortgage Center. Open the map to find the exact location or call to 030 301 467.

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Internet Banking

With EXIMBANK Mobile Banking you have access to your bank from your personal mobile. You just need to download the app on your mobile phone.

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With EXIMBANK SMS-Info you control your money by sending SMS to your mobile phone. You will receive information about both successful and unsuccessful operations and the amounts with which your card will be fed.

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