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Credit card CIAO

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Credit card CIAO


within one day

grace period

up to 50 days

up to

100 000 MDL

without collateral

only with Identity Card

Why Credit Card CIAO?

With the CIAO credit card you obtain financial freedom - you can pay for goods and services anywhere in the world, directly to merchants or online, ad by withdrawals at ATMs or bank counter. You have the flexibility in use, just monitoring of expenses and enjoying the grace period of 50 days.

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ZERO commissions for issuing of the card
ZERO commissions to pay for goods and services anywhere in the world
ZERO commissions for account replenishment
no income confirming documents, only Identity Card

Terms and conditions:


from 10 000 up to 100 000 MDL;


24 months;

Annual interest rate

12% fixed

Cash withdrawal commission

3% from amount withdrawn

EAR ( Effective Annual Rate )

12,69% for loan of 100 000 MDL, for 24 months, Monthly payment - 4 707 MDL, total cost – 112 976 MDL

The bank warns the customers about the necessity of the loan payment.

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Documents required

  • identity card;
  • other documents if required.