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Limits for certain card transactions
Useful tips
Useful tips
1) PIN code should NEVERbe told to ANYONE. Nobody has the right to ask you about PIN code, not even your bank. Consider your PIN code as key access to your money safe.

2) Do not keep your PIN code along with your card, and, in no case to write it down on the card.

3) Do not offer your card to anyone – it is the same as you would offer your money wallet to somebody.

4) In case of lost/stolen card, contact your bank immediately and ask to block your card. Contact details of 24/24 Client service: 022 21 02 02/21 03 03.

5) At ATM cash withdrawal transactions, please make sure the ATM is in good and functional condition. Fraudsters install different devices (skimmers, mini video camera, etc.) in places hard to notice at first sight. Images on how a normal ATM and an ATM where was installed a skimmer should look like you can see here.

6) When typing the PIN code, make sure there is no one around who could see the inserted code. Cover with your hand the keyboard when inserting the PIN code.

7) Do not hand over your card to waitresses, sellers or staff of the places you visit.Be present when the transactions with your cad are made, and make sure the card is used only at banking terminals. Card readers can be of a small size, and a fraction of second is enough to copy the data from card.

8) Do not access the emails you receive from an unknown source. Those can contain viruses that record personal data, including passwords to online banking.

9) Check your account statement with regularity.

The copied information is used to personalize fake cards, further used to withdraw money from clients’ accounts.

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